Founded In 2020, Our Invisible Empire was created as an organization that specialized in supporting small businesses. The creation of this organization was deeply influenced by the desire to help Alberta businesses through the ongoing recession, while also creating a support system for Alberta entrepreneurs.  Our Invisible Empire provides a wide range of services to support small businesses. Whether you require digital marketing, graphic design, outside sales, SEO, hiring assistance, website design, accounting, or bookkeeping, Our Invisible Empire has it all under one roof.  

Throughout the years, Our Invisible Empire has gained full or partial ownership of thirteen Alberta owned and operated companies, with 3 startup companies in the queue for 2023. Such companies are broad in essence, ranging from e-commerce businesses to Automotive Service to Construction businesses and even a few unique industry specific businesses.

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Econo Decks
April 2019

As of April 2019, Our Invisible Empire and Econo Decks finalized their partnership. Generally speaking, Econo Decks is a decking organization located in Calgary, AB primarily servicing Calgary and the surrounding areas. The Econo Decks team needed assistance in their organizations process and procedures. In addition, they required guidance in further developing their operational systems. Therefore, Our Invisible Empire acquired an equity percentage of Econo Decks and established a mutually beneficial relationship. Since the launch, Our Invisible Empire has completely revamped Econo Decks operational flow. Their day-to-day operations have been transitioned over to a paperless structure. In total, Our Invisible Empire has taken over Econo Decks social media and digital marketing, and has restructured the organizations accounting and financial tracking processes. Since this partnership was finalized in April 2019, Econo Decks’ yearly revenue has tripled and their employee base has increased from 3 to 12 employees; Our Invisible Empire assisted in the creation of 9 Alberta Jobs through this partnership.

DW Septic Solutions
June 2019

In June of 2019 Our Invisible Empire officially partnered with DW Septic Solutions – a rural family run septic system business that services local communities in Central Alberta; including Buck Lake, Drayton Valley, Pigeon Lake, Rocky Mountain House and surrounding communities. Our Invisible Empire acquired an equity percentage of DW Septic Solutions and since then has undertaken and managed their digital marketing, social media, branding, radio advertising, print marketing, accounting and overall expansion. Since the launch of this partnership, the yearly revenue of DW Septic Solutions has doubled and their profit margins have tripled. This has permitted the organization to expand their customer base by a 100km radius. In total, three Alberta jobs have been created because of this partnership.

Hollow Brick
January 2020

In January 2020 Our Invisible Empire launched Hollow Brick Developments – a real estate organization that owns the property Invisible Empire requires for its current operating companies and will for future expansions. Hollow Brick purchased its first property in January of 2020, the construction for this property began shortly after in February of 2020. Today, Hollow Brick leases to numerous Our Invisible Empire companies; including Boulevard Auto Glass, Econo Decks, Econo Basements, Econo Roofing and Exteriors and White Raven Accounting.

Spacious Basement Builders
November 2019

Recently, Our Invisible Empire finalized its complete ownership of Spacious Basement Builders. The founders of this construction group wanted an out from the construction industry which is where Our Invisible Empire stepped in. Our team found the organization to have decent branding, good operating history and a niche audience that would fit well with our current construction services. Currently, Spacious Basements is operating through the Econo Basements channel with the hopes of officially relaunching the company in 2022. Currently, Our Invisible Empire is working on establishing processes and procedures for the organization prior to its official relaunch.

Econo Basements
September 2019

Shortly after Econo Decks partnered with Our Invisible Empire the organizations decided to collaborate on a new start-up company named Econo Basements. The strategy behind this decision was to counteract the lack of work Econo Deck’s receives in the winter seasons. Moreover, the launch of Econo Basements would create more full-time positions for Alberta workers. In September 2019 Our Invisible Empire and Econo Decks officially launched Econo Basements – an organization that specializes in the development of basements in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Boulevard Auto Glass
June 2020

In June of 2020, Our Invisible Empire partnered with experienced auto glass operators to create Boulevard Auto Glass. Our Invisible Empire was able to help organize the launch of this auto glass repair and replacement organization from top to bottom. Our Invisible Empire implemented various management and operational measures for the company, in addition to the website build, and thorough digital marketing that was established. This allowed the operators of Boulevard Auto Glass to prioritize and focus on day-to-day operations without the burden of managing the entire company. On June 1, 2020 Boulevard Auto Glass formally opened for business. The team at Boulevard Auto Glass consists of 6 to 12 full-time employees depending on seasonality.

White Raven Accounting
October 2020

In October of 2020, Our Invisible Empire launched White Raven Accounting. Prior to this, Our Invisible Empire partnered with a CPA qualified accountant whom collaborated on the application process to launch an accredited accounting firm in Calgary, AB. In October, White Raven Accounting officially received approval from the government and the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada to officially become an accredited accounting firm. Today, all accounting and bookkeeping is completed in-house through White Raven Accounting. In doing so, the cost and lead time for partner businesses has reduced drastically.

Drywall Junkies
May 2021

In May of 2021, Our Invisible Empire partnered with the founder of Drywall Junkies to launch a Drywall Apparel Brand named Drywall Junkies Swag. What was once a private social media group transitioned into a full-blown social media business. With upwards of 50,000 followers on social media, Drywall Junkies now sells their apparel worldwide through their own e-commerce website. Our Invisible Empires’ partnership with Drive Sportswear allowed Drywall Junkies to warehouse and ship their inventory out of Drive Sportswear’s warehouse facility. The Our Invisible Empire team is eager to watch this brand grow and progress into a community of contractors worldwide.

Drive Sportswear
February 2021

In February of 2021 Our Invisible Empire acquired an equity percentage of Drive Sportswear and partnered with the founders to completely rebrand the organization. Our Invisible Empire implemented an extensive rebrand and assisted in employee recruiting while overhauling expenses, and taking over their digital marketing entirely. With the assistance of Our Invisible Empire, Drive Sportswear was able to start seeing consistent net gains within the first three months. Ever since Our Invisible Empire partnered with Drive Sportswear, the organization has produced constant revenue and profit increases on a monthly basis that have not slowed down since. Within the first year with Our Invisible Empire, Drive Sportswear has added two full-time employees, and expects to open up three more full-time positions in 2022.

Lifestyle Adaptive Clothing
September 2021

Our Invisible Empire partnered with the founder of Lifestyle Adaptive Clothing and Footwear to refresh their virtual identity in September 2021. The brand required a brand-new website and an update to its operation processes and procedures. In addition, Our Invisible Empire assisted in streamlining the shipping and receiving process by taking over the Inventory Management Process – which is managed at Drive Sportswear’s warehouse facility. The founder is deeply passionate about working alongside her customers and assisting seniors in the hopes to increase their quality of life. For this reason, it was decided that Our Invisible Empire will take over the organizations management, inventory operations, marketing and expansion overall. In whole, Our Invisible Empire manages Lifestyle Adaptive accounting, bookkeeping, banking, social media, digital marketing and the shipping/receiving of inventory. This has given the founder an opportunity to focus on awareness and outreach.

Econo Roofing & Exteriors
December 2021

The owner of a roofing and exteriors organization – that operates out of Edmonton and Calgary – approached Our Invisible Empire during the fall of 2021. After numerous discussions, it was clear that partnering and merging into Econo Roofing and Exteriors was a great opportunity for all parties involved. In December of 2021, the roofing organization was absorbed and rebranded under the umbrella of the Econo Construction Group. With yet another business joining the Econo brand, Our Invisible Empires footprint into the construction industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. Econo Roofing and Exteriors is anticipating a record-breaking 2022 launch with already having two roofing projects completed within its first month. This organization is expected to service residential and commercial clients of all sizes in 2022.