"Focus More on Who you May Inspire & Less on Who you Might Offend"


Our Invisible Empire is essentially the love child of a private equity firm and a marketing/consulting firm; we manage various areas of our client’s business to ensure that our partners can focus on what’s most important, their day-to-day business. At Our Invisible Empire we are equipped to cover all business-related responsibilities, whether it be financial, creative, operations or administrative work. Our office is not your typical suit and tie agency, we believe that hard work pays off when others work hard along with us, not against us. We work for the operational thrill, to see the look on our clients faces when their business changes its course for the good. Our Invisible Empire stands for execution and what we do is find solutions to concerns that small scale business owners experience through collaborative assistance.

"Our Invisible Empire's mission is to keep as many small businesses alive as possible and to arm entrepreneurs with an arsenal of weapons to help guide them through the onslaught"


There are many components to running a successful business now a days, ranging from social media, to financials, to configuring analytical tracking to even building permits. All kinds of small business owners – industry wide – are put at a disadvantage to compete against the corporate giants; and such is attributed to how expansive running a successful business has become. At Our Invisible Empire, our priority is to remove the daily headache from our partners, and take over the important little things that are usually forgotten. Our team of professionals meticulously dive in and explore every area of your business to ensure we are providing the highest quality audit of where improvements can be made. 

All the comprehensive areas of business listed below need to be executed well for a company to excel long-term. No one can be expected to learn and master every area of business, let alone be able to manage all of it.


That is where we come in… we run what is invisible in business environments, and we do it with finesse.   


The first rule of fight club is: You do not talk about fight club. Yes, it's a fake company! We are only using it as an example. The pricing comparison is based off this fake company's fake needs. The structure of every deal is never set in stone. Every business is different which means every partnership is different."

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As a consulting and private equity firm central to Calgary, Alberta, we focus on partnering with Alberta-based small-medium sized businesses. Below are all of Our Invisible Empire’s partnered companies, click on the highlighted logo to explore their webpages and services. 


After only two years in business, Our Invisible Empire has attributed respectable results from its partnered and start-up businesses. The results listed below depicts a total average sum that has been acquired by the companies with Our Invisible Empire’s support.  


Wondering what type of work we do for our partnered clients?

Read the descriptions for a brief analysis of various projects that have been completed by the Our Invisible Empire team over the years. The project section is regularly updated with new strategies that have been implemented for the partnered companies. 

Boulevard Auto Glass - First Startup Company

In 2020, Boulevard Auto Glass was launched by Our Invisible Empire. We partnered with experienced auto glass individuals and technicians with a realm of experience to officially launch...

Lifestyle Adaptive - Rebranding

When Our Invisible Empire took Lifestyle Adaptive on board, we conducted an entire company rebranding. Such included a complete logo redesign, switching the outdated Shopify store to an...

Drive Sportswear - Rebranding

Drive Sportswear approached Our Invisible Empire with little to no digital presence; when we took the company on board, they went through a complete rebrand. Our Invisible Empire overhauled and redesigned the entire website...

Econo Decks - Homeshow

Each year Econo Decks participates in the Calgary Home Show to showcase its services and products to potential clients. Our Invisible Empire covered the entry costs of the Home Show event, created and advertised...

Boulevard Auto Glass - Yearly Summer Contests

During the summer months the creative team at Our Invisible Empire launches summer social media campaigns for Boulevard Auto Glass. In the past, the prizes have ranged from a weekend...

Lifestyle Adaptive - Hike For Hospice

In 2021, Lifestyle Adaptive hosted a fundraiser called Hike For Hospice to raise money for the Palliative Care Society of the Bow Valley. The fundraiser ran the entire month of May...

Drywall Junkies - Social Media Contest

In November 2021, the creative department at Our Invisible Empire pitched the idea of collaborating on a social media campaign with a micro influencer to promote the launch...